Bridal Boudoir Photography Sessions

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The bridal boudoir trend is sweeping the nation, and grooms are NOT disappointed. Whether you give an album on your wedding night or honeymoon, it will be a great start to the marriage.  

AT Bella, we incorporate YOUR own personal wedding items such as shoes, veil, and garter, to make your images custom to you, and true to your wedding day. No matter if you are wearing designer heels, or converse like above, the photos will represent YOUR wedding day. 

But never fear, if you don’t have a veil, garter,  or accessories of your own to bring, we provide a selection for you to use in your session. 

Some woman feel boudoir is for them because they are not a size 4. That is NOT the case at all!! You are beautiful, sexy, and glamorous, no matter your body type. The man in your life loves YOU just how you are. Also, some of my favorite shoots come from my curvy girls, they have incredible confidence and amazing facial expressions. 


Worried about hair and makeup?? Don’t be! At Bella, professional hair and makeup is included with ALL bridal sessions. If you want to do your own, no problem, but if you want to be fully pampered and done up by a pro, here’s your chance. This is also a great time to get to know the photographer, and maybe even have a glass of wine to calm your nerves. 

This long veil and bouquet is available at the studio and makes for a very romantic image. 

What? you don’t live close to my studio? or you know of a great location of your own to shoot at? Not a problem, I am more than happy to travel for your session. 

So what are you waiting for?? Contact me today about scheduling your own custom bridal boudoir session! It’s a ton of fun and the perfect gift for your new hubby. Sessions are generally done 2 months or so before the wedding, but I have done them as shortly as 4 weeks prior. 

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