Male Boudoir (aka Dudoir or Dudeoir)

male boudoir st. louis photographer

There is a popular trend right now in the form of male boudoir, also known as dudeoir or dudoir, and it’s long overdue! Some men have turned to silly poses, mocking typical boudoir and maternity shoots, while others have embraced the idea of the sexiest man alive. In either case, just like female boudoir, this is a confidence booster and it really does take some courage. When is the last time you found a man who liked to get his photo taken, let alone in 2-4 outfits for 2 hours?? This is dedication! The men are really getting into these shoots too! Pre planning their outfits, shopping for the perfect look, buying underwear their wives have wanted them in for YEARS etc. I also find that just like woman are nervous but leave feeling comfortable and excited, men react the same way. And what about GROOMS? I have been shooting bridal boudoir for a few years now, but wouldn’t a bride LOVE a book like this from her soon to be husband? I really enjoy shooting this genre, no matter what the age, size, or reasons are, so hopefully the trend keeps rising!

Lounge pants are a great casual look!

Boxer briefs are the typical choice, with boxers running second.

And just like female boudoir, the basic white sheet is always a classic!

So what are you waiting for? This should be on your bucket list gentlemen. 

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