What Do I Wear? Boudoir wardrobe tips

white sheet implied nude

One of the most common questions I receive is “what should I wear?” In this blog post I will show you a 4 outfit session that has variety, it’s best to add as much variety as possible to a session for a unique experience and final product. Most of my clients that come to Bella Boudoir (St. Louis), create a book of some kind, having multiple looks really adds a lot to these books.

st louis boudoir

Here I started Abbi out in a simple comfy sweater and a basic thong. I was able to manipulate the V-neck sweater many ways to make it off the shoulder, or scrunched up to show her mid section. Sweaters can have a very sexy look, and are a great starter outfit for a more modest intro. 

st louis boudoir photography

We also added some fake glasses to this look, to give it more character and a second option. Notice that in this image we tugged on the sweater to show off Abbi’s mid section.

bella boudoir st. louis

For this look, all we did was let her hair out of the ponytail. By making simple switches like this, we were able to achieve 4 looks just in this one outfit! Ponytail with and without glasses, and hair down with and without glasses. 

For this next look, all we did was remove the sweater and strip the bedding for a white sheet session look. 

Next, we just removed her bra and used the sheet for an implied nude look. The white sheet look can be added to any session and is always a favorite for my clients. 

Abbi is still wearing a thong in this image, but with the right camera angles, we can get a very sexy, implied nude look. 

white sheet implied nude

This is hands down my most popular pose with my clients, it is flattering on everyone!

st louis photographer

For the next look, we went a little more glamorous. Adding a sheer robe and a body chain. I also switched to a more edgy lighting style. 

bella boudoir, body chain, model

At Bella Boudoir, I supply a large selection of jewelry and robes for you to add to your outfits. 

Next we moved into the main studio to do some high fashion, glamour looks. 

model, boudoir, vintage chair

As you can see, were able to achieve many different looks with basically 3 outfits. I work with all my clients before a session to go over wardrobe and options to make the process easier for them. So whether you want glamour boudoir, white sheet session, edgy boudoir, romantic boudoir, etc. I can make it happen for you! 


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