Since 2002, I (Kim Ackerman, owner of Vogue Portrait Studio) have worked with all kinds of women at various stages of their life. I take a lot of bridal boudoir photography, as soon-to-be-married women find photos of themselves a particularly thoughtful gift for their other half. Due to the growing demand for boudoir I added the Bella division to Vogue Studio.

In the past, I have done boudoir photography for women celebrating their new figures, women who want to give a special birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift to their partners, and women who simply feel beautiful and sexy and want to relish in that. My studio prides itself on professionalism, attention to detail and the ability to make you feel absolutely at ease throughout your boudoir session. Past clients have expressed to me that they were nervous — naturally! — at the beginning, but warmed up quickly. We laugh, we get serious, we have fun. And I promise you this: you’ll walk away not only feeling more confident in your own skin, but absolutely beautiful. 

I am also an established mentor and instructor in photography; focusing on posing, lighting, and editing. Without those three elements, photos are just that, photos. I create beautiful art that you and your partner will absolutely love!